October 08, 2013 Back to News

Inver fuels the HNLMS Dolfijn S808 attack submarine at Cork Port

This was a unique and unusual fuel delivery for Inver as a simultaneous supply of 180 m3 of marine gasoil was delivered while the ballast water was removed at the same rate from the submarine.

This submarine has retained an active status in the Royal Netherlands Navy since 1990. The submarine was constructed in Rotterdam and it’s design is noted for its quiet operation and its capability to perform deep ocean service.

The HNLMS Dolfijn has a crew of 50 personnel, consisting of officers and sailors. The submarine displaces at 2,350 tons when surfaced and 2,650 tons when submerged.

The Dolfijin docking and fuelling in Cork port created great interest and excitement for adults and children alike.


Inver fuels tanker