December 22, 2020 Back to News

Inver Painstown nominates local charity Barretstown for their 2021 Leading Lights

Inver Painstown nomiated Barretstown, a great charity in the heart of their community.

Barretstown offers free, specially designed camps and programmes for children and their families living with a serious illness – supported behind the scenes by 24 hour on site medical and nursing care. All of the children and families come to Barretstown free of charge. Everything, including accommodation, food and medical assistance are provided at no cost to the family, to rebuild the lives of children affected by serious illness, and their families, through a life changing Therapeutic Recreation programme in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. Since first opening their gates in 1994 they have brought the magic of Barretstown to over 60,000 campers.

Bláthnaid Harney Business Developement Executive from Barretstown gave Inver some wonderful feedback “Childhood stops for seriously ill children. It is paused while they spend weeks, months, and even years, in hospital receiving treatment, our programmes allow them to remember what it is to play, to sing and dance, to laugh, and to be just a child again, not a sick child. Inver Energy’s Leading Lights support of €1,000 will press play on a childhood again.
Thank you. And it isn’t just the child with the illness you help. Your support means everything to their family too, because when a child is facing a life-threatening illness such as cancer, normal family life is paused. Often one parent has to give up work to support the child through treatment, often sibling’s lives are severely curtailed because there can be no playdates or holidays for fear of infection. That is why support from organisations like Inver Energy has such an impact. The child who is sick, the siblings, and their whole family learn to laugh together again, learn to play together again, and learn to be a family again. The power of your support will press play on a childhood, and a family life again, paused for too long because of a life-threatening illness. Thank you to Inver Painstown for nominating and supporting Barretstown and pressing play on these precious lives.”

Thank you to Inver Painstown our partners, for nominating this wonderful charity which Inver are delighted to support.