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Inver’s 2023 Christmas donation goes to BUMBLEance and Little Blue Heroes Foundation

In 2023, Inver’s annual Christmas donation embraces the spirit of giving by supporting BUMBLEance and Little Blue Heroes Foundation. Each chosen charity receives €2,000.00, reflecting Inver’s commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of children and families across Ireland.

BUMBLEance, Ireland’s Children’s Ambulance Service, stands at the forefront of pediatric healthcare accessibility. Facilitating almost 2,000 trips annually, BUMBLEance ensures that children receive necessary medical care, regardless of their location or resources. Beyond medical transport, BUMBLEance seeks to alleviate financial burdens on families, reduce the stress associated with regular medical journeys and, most importantly, create a safe and enjoyable environment for Ireland’s youngest patients.

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Little Blue Heroes Foundation, established in 2017, operates as a not-for-profit registered charity voluntarily led by the dedication of Garda members, retired Garda members and community-minded people. The Foundation’s vision extends to supporting families of children facing serious illnesses in Ireland, empowering young lives through positive community engagement.

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