June 04, 2020 Back to News

Moving Ahead to a greener future with Inver’s B20

Inver’s latest fuel called B20 launched in the Irish market on June 2nd.  This new fuel will play an important national role in helping hauliers reduce their carbon emissions by up to 15% compared to regular diesel while performing their key roles in the Irish supply chain.

B20 garners its name from its composition of 20% renewable biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel. While B20 is a new fuel for Ireland, it is used worldwide. America has a long history using this fuel, for the past twenty years, Florida’s Power and Light have over 3,600 vehicles running successfully on B20 and closer to home, London buses operate solely on B20.

Daniel Fitzpatrick, Inver’s Commercial Director, stated, ‘We are delighted to launch B20 into the Irish market place. Emission reduction is a key consideration within all businesses as we strive to maintain our businesses, meet European emission reduction requirements and protect our planet. B20 is available nationwide, and we look forward to familiarizing our customers with this great new product.’