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The Inver Advantage

We appreciate the importance of success and we work consistently with our customers to help achieve continued growth. We invite you to partner with us and become part of Ireland’s best and fastest growing fuel brand.

Dooley's Service Station
Continued growth

Inver’s investment into a new forecourt network in Ireland offers forecourt operators an opportunity to avail of quality products at a highly competitive price. Station operators now have the opportunity to gain a significant advantage in this challenging economic time.

Forecourt Retailers

Our ability to buy and store large volumes of fuel allows us to offer very competitive prices to our customers. This has significantly helped them improve their sales and margins.

- Chris O’Callaghan, CEO

Our Inver Advantage offers you:

Direct Advantage

As Ireland’s largest fuel supplier we provide a direct and reliable fuel supply at competitive prices.

Sales Advantage

We provide strong and knowledgeable local, regional, and national marketing support.

Service Advantage

Inver provides easy fuel ordering with on time delivery, fuel cards, inventory management and payment options.

Value Advantage

Our innovation and expertise in the fuels business allows us to develop relevant and differentiated products, services, and credit support.

Fuel Advantage

Inver delivers key benefits to motorists including quality refined fuels, guaranteed traceability from refinery to pump, fuel price information and fuel additives.

Brand Advantage

Inver-branded forecourts are bright, modern, safe and clean with fast, efficient and friendly service.

Over 30 years’ experience and integrity in the fuel industry

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Our expansion is built on a foundation of credentials that forecourt owners can trust. Inver has over 30 years’ experience and integrity in the fuel industry.

We offer significant advantages with our products, better pricing and our forecourt technical and management services. We continue to develop new innovative products and services that deliver real and tangible advantages for you the forecourt owner and your customers.


Inver offers our forecourt partners the assurance that fuels suppled by Inver meet national and European fuel standards and have complete traceability from the point of manufacture to our partners forecourt. We offer this through our Quality Rosette program. Our quality fuels can make that difference to your business.

Inver can provide all these elements to keep the Forecourt owner’s business on track and ‘Moving Ahead’, while motorists can fuel their cars with reliable, traceable product at a competitive price.


Inver’s prices have increased my profitability.

Norman Foley has built-up his forecourt and convenience business over the past 12 years in Co. Kerry, he joined Inver’s forecourt brand and with 4 forecourts says ‘business is now booming.’

“I was the first retailer in the country to team up with Inver at my site in Tralee, and I have 3 other Inver branded forecourts in Killarney and Kilcoran.

I have a long working relationship with Inver as a fuel customer and dealer site operator, as Inver are direct suppliers, my price is always very competitive. It also means I have full fuel traceability, as it comes directly from the refineries via Inver to me.  Fuel quality is a mainstay of the Inver brand and they developed the company’s Rosette Programme to consistently maintain the quality of their fuels to the highest standards.

Since joining Inver, I’ve increased both my margins and my volumes.  My fuel prices are so competitive, I’m driving more footfall into my Spar shops, and that is all adding to my turnover.”

Norman FoleyForecourt Owner

Value Advantage

Our innovation and expertise in the fuels business allows us to develop relevant and differentiated products, services, and credit support.

Contact our experienced and knowledgeable team to learn more about becoming an Inver forecourt partner.