June 29, 2016 Back to News

Every tank does some good

alternative poster for 2016

Every tank does some good. For your car, For your pocket, For your community. Inver’s 2016 marketing plan is taking an exciting new journey.Focusing on the motorist and their aspirations,’Every tank does some good’, leans into our customers desire to have quality fuel and competitive prices at the fuel pump. We are a direct fuel supplier, so we can guarantee quality fuel from the refinery to our pumps. We can also offer better prices as we a direct fuel supplier. The community connection is very important to us too.

Inver is a local Irish company, so we wanted to invest in our communities in a meaningful and significant way. We chose children and education and have spent the past years building on this goal with Camara Ireland, Techspace, Learnstorm and Foroige. Education is important to all Irish families and we sought to find fun and interactive ways to build our children’s confidence and learning in Maths, Science and technology. We feel we have achieved this goal with our partners and will continue to find innovative ways to engage with young people within our communities. For further information see think tank on our website

The 2016 marketing plan has captured the essence of the Inver brand and we are proud to launch  the many aspects of the brand, including our 3D animated journey.